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Eco Tourism

The Concept
In its long association with barren land and its reclamation, IMAP has been an artist, transforming the blank canvas into a lush green landscape. Our process of reconstruction has not only changed the land or soil, but also made it more beautiful. This in turn has contributed to the protection of the environment of the place and thereby maintaining the ecological balance. These fields of IMAP have become a place of regular visits of the people from areas nearby. People often come here to spend a fun-filled peaceful day amidst nature, or for a picnic or get-together with family and friends. These attributes have come very close to the concept of Eco-Tourism, which can be described as responsible tourism to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well being of local communities.

Imap's Endeavour
Our deep and sincere interaction with the tribal mass of West Bengal and the underprivileged rural people have made us immensely resourceful in generating awareness about ecological balance and the importance of beautification of habitat. The land we reclaimed has now become beautiful and organized modern farms, which not only generates income for the people living below the poverty line, but also has become a thing of beauty for the people of the neighbourhood. They consider these places worthy of a tourist’s visit to an ecotourism site.

The Government of West Bengal has also appreciated our efforts and its successful implementation. This is evident from the multiple visits of the then Honourable Minister of Science Technology and Biotechnology Dr Rabiranjan Chattopadhyay in our farms and fields. Apart from the minister himself, many Government officials and Consultants visited our centres at Garhbeta and Gopiballavpur and gave us their certificate of appreciation and valuable suggestions.

This encouraged us to put one step forward to promote Eco-Tourism in our fields at Garhbeta and Gopiballavpur. We have small establishments at the fields and organise regular visits and nature camps for the educational institutions nearby.

Looking Forward
Inspired by the response of the people and the rising popularity of the concept of Eco-Tourism, we have taken this concept with utmost care and deep love for nature and people. We intend to spread the awareness about maintaining the ecological balance and importance of protection of flora and fauna of a particular place, through the promotion of Eco-Tourism. This will also generate livelihood for a number of people in the neighbourhood.

That is why, we are keen to spread this concept and build a number of Eco-Tourism Hubs in different parts of West Bengal and neighbouring states like Jharkhand, Orissa and Bihar.

We believe, today’s efforts and initiatives will play a vital role in creating a greener and cleaner tomorrow.