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  • Free Medical Distribution-2011
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1. IMAP’s Dissemination Project put its first step forward with the Official inauguration of the Training Centre of Rural Biotechnology at Medinipur and Purulia on 23.09.13. and 08.01.14. respectively, in the presence of three Ministers.

2. The Green Festival Sabujer Awbhan was organized by IMAP jointly with the Department of Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal, on 8 & 9 February 2014.

Chandrakona 1

Right from its birth, Arogya, the medical wing of IMAP has been synonymous with care and concern for the people. The doctors have extended their hands of support and co-operation for the people in need and now the people know that they can rely on us in their hours of pain and suffering. We have introduced the facilities of distribution of medicines free of cost and testing the blood sugar with Glucometer, pregnancy test along with ECG with the induction of trained Pharmacist and nursing staff. Now the expecting mothers need not travel long distance to confirm their pregnancy. Other pathological tests are done with the help of Chandrakona Rural Hospital.

Our constant effort to provide quality medical care for the people of this remote area of Chandrakona I Dev.Block of Paschim Medinipur finally came to the notice of the Office of the CMOH, Paschim Medinipur, in 2009-10. IMAP received an annual grant from the Department of Health, Government of West Bengal to run the Medical Centre more effectively.

As Arogya has been working as a referral unit to the Chandrakona Rural Hospital and Ghatal Sub-divisional Hospital, we could very well understand the difficulty of the critical patients. The ailing people who need emergency hospitalisation, find it extremely difficult to reach these hospitals, as the mean distance from the neighbouring villages to these hospitals is more than 30 km. Secondly, in the absence of proper road and non-availability of public conveyance, the patients suffer continuously. The pain becomes deeper after 5 pm in the evening, as no public conveyance is available until the next morning. To address this problem, IMAP initiated an Ambulance service in 2010. This service has generated a confidence among the villagers that they are not medically helpless when they need it.

With the growing need for better and specialised service, IMAP has gradually increased the number of doctors in the Chandrakona centre of Arogya. At present, doctors attend the patients here for 6 days a week. Specialist physicians like, M.D., Cardiologist, Gynaecologist, Paediatrician and Dentists attend the patients at Arogya. Since 2009, a Homeopathy wing has also been initiated twice a week with an average turnout of patients is around 20 per day.

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Dr. Puspita Banerjee-2010

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CMOH Visit-2010

CMOH Visit-2010

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