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1. IMAP’s Dissemination Project put its first step forward with the Official inauguration of the Training Centre of Rural Biotechnology at Medinipur and Purulia on 23.09.13. and 08.01.14. respectively, in the presence of three Ministers.

2. The Green Festival Sabujer Awbhan was organized by IMAP jointly with the Department of Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal, on 8 & 9 February 2014.

The Concept

The journey of the medical centre Arogya began in October 2005 at Gangcha village of Chandrakona I Dev. Block of Paschim Medinipur. But, why a medical centre in such a remote place ?

This agglomeration of 42 villages on the bank of the river Shilaboti is so remote that even the primary civic amenities dare to tread. The sub divisional Ghatal Hospital is more than 20 Km while the Rural Hospital at Chandrakona 1 is around 25 Km or more if we consider an East –West radius of 10 km. However, in both the cases the distance will gradually increase if we take a North –South diameter. Longer the diameter, larger is the distress.

Fascinatingly, the first 10Km at the least in either way is a fair weather road devoid of any sort of modern communication, like telephone, vehicular services and ambulance….needless to increase the list. Precisely, that means in rainy season it is not workable and the entire land mass is cut off from the rest of the world. The situation aggravates when flood came, an innate feature of Medinipur, the medical service becomes a disaster. Flood and fate flows downward washing out the fortune and health of the community. The community continues to suffer from ailments & illness and succumb to local unqualified medical practitioners.

The concept of starting a medical centre first emerged from this backdrop. We understood that once we can penetrate into this deadlock surrounding, we will be able to impart other awareness and we believe, a doctor’s scalpel is mightier than any other weapon to convince the people.

And after seven years, it can be said that we were right!

•Livelihood from Barren Lands, especially for Tribal People•Medical Services to twine Life & Livelihood•Literacy for Livelihood
  • Livelihood from Barren Lands, especially for Tribal People

  • Medical Services to twine Life & Livelihood

  • Literacy for Livelihood