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1. IMAP’s Dissemination Project put its first step forward with the Official inauguration of the Training Centre of Rural Biotechnology at Medinipur and Purulia on 23.09.13. and 08.01.14. respectively, in the presence of three Ministers.

2. The Green Festival Sabujer Awbhan was organized by IMAP jointly with the Department of Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal, on 8 & 9 February 2014.

The Concept
Literacy for Livelihood

Lexicographically, Literacy means the ability to read and write. This ability is supposed to empower us to comprehend things and ideas so that we can use them in our need. From Literacy we graduate to Education. It is a journey with no ends. The more one can travel, the more he/she will be benefitted. Nobody can deny the essence of the theory, but in our present perspective, the concept of Literacy requires the Intervention of an Alternative Approach. Precisely, this Alternative Approach emphasizes on specific vocational education bearing relevance with socio-geographic condition and not beyond that.

Target Group & Observations
Target group of the literacy programme of IMAP is rural women, daily wager, marginal and small farmers. Our observations about rural life in West Bengal shows that 1)Agricultural employment cannot hold any person more than 102 days a year 2)The involvement of women in agricultural activities is around 40 to 45 days 3)The food habit does not require cooking twice a day 4)Daily house cleaning is not feasible as dwelling places are hut. 5) Kitchen garden is not present in most of the cases. All these indicators show that there is no dearth of time. However, the interest to learn more is also very little.

Action Taken
IMAP envisages a solution, the pilot of which has been running since 2005.The basic premises of this project are as follows: 1)Vocational Training along with associated literacy. 2)This vocational Training is socio-geography specific. 3)Training modules are through Video- conferencing so that there is no transmission loss between the Trainer and Trainee. 4) Moreover, through this methodology, services of experts and professionals can reach directly to the villagers. Demonstration of machinery and equipment will be live.

Precisely, through this Functional Literacy Programme, IMAP intends to build up a set of skilled Human resource for the elevation of the rural life. This effort relates education and employment directly with the intervention of modern technology becoming a useful weapon for better living, inter alia, survival

•Livelihood from Barren Lands, especially for Tribal People•Medical Services to twine Life & Livelihood•Literacy for Livelihood
  • Livelihood from Barren Lands, especially for Tribal People

  • Medical Services to twine Life & Livelihood

  • Literacy for Livelihood