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II.Gopiballavpur 1
The Green Promise

The Department of Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal promoted this Project trying to build a Prototype of snatching livelihood from barren lands, especially in tribal belts as it has been observed that poverty and sterility of soil are very closely interrelated. As there is dearth of resources, it is wise to think of an Agricultural Alternative rather than an Alternative to Agriculture and it could be possible if we are able to apply the biotechnological methods to reclaim these fallow lands. Project funding duration is from 2011-12 to 2013-14 involving 29 acres of barren lands spreading over two Mouzas --Dhansole & Chitamatia of Gopiballavpur 1 Dev. Block, Paschim Medinipur. Now the remote area is seething with activities and has been experiencing the introduction of a number of new crops like tissue culture banana and papaya plants which were never grown in these barren lands. Moreover, the concept of a field level laboratory has started grounding.

of the Project is to build a prototype of reclaiming barren lands for successful implementation of livelihood programmes for resource-poor backward communities using biotechnological intervention in different agro-climatic conditions. In no way, it is a replication of the previous endeavours, but expanding the horizon with new variables.

of the Project were primarily to confirm a sustainable livelihood from barren lands for the Tribal BPL population of the area. Secondly, to make them believe that a scientific approach may bring a sea change -- a laboratory equipped with modern instruments is going to be set up at the project site to render the soil testing facilities and other primary investigations.

Despite the fact that this is the fourth Project to generate livelihood reclaiming barren lands, the challenge is deeper. Apart from the lack of exposure to the New Technology Farming, the adherence to a number of orthodox ideas in living and livelihood of these Tribal people , make everything difficult. It is unbelievable but true that such a span of arid land has been lying idle for years together and no one could approach it in any way. However, between April to August, 2012 the land changed from sterile to fertile bearing a number of livelihood generating plants changing the landscape.


•Livelihood from Barren Lands, especially for Tribal People•Medical Services to twine Life & Livelihood•Literacy for Livelihood