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IMAP's Publication Division
Imap’s publication division has published two books at Book Fair 2013. One titled ‘Shaktishastra’ is written by Sri Ardhendu Sen, the former Chief Secretary of West Bengal. The other, titled ‘Dui Nayak’ is written by eminent journalist Sri Debabrata Mukherjee. The books were officially released at the Book Fair on 03.02.13.


The members & associates of the Trust have a long & recorded background of publication and audio-visual presentation, but we could not manage to open this wing for the last few years. We thought about it many times to record our ideas and activities for the researchers of posterity. Like most of our ideas, it has been waiting. In this backdrop, we found two brilliant manuscripts and could not resist publishing them. They were formally published on 3 Feb, 2013 at the Press Corner of Kolkata Book Fair.

The first book, Shaktishastra, authored by Sri Ardhendu Sen, former Chief Secretary, Government of west Bengal, deals with the issues connected with the production and use of commercial energy. With its thirteen chapters arranged in four convenient parts, brings the reader a wealth of information on energy sources and gives him an absorbing account of the progress made in greening of energy and the challenges that remain. This book was released by Sri Prasadranjan Ray, former Home Secretary, Government of West Bengal.

While Dr Rudrangshu Mukherjee, the eminent historian & journalist, formally released Dui Nayak by Debabrata Mukhopadhyay, former Joint Editor of the Jugantar. The book narrates with documentary & circumstantial evidences the friendship & feud between Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhas Chandra Bose, two brightest stars of India’s freedom movement, after Gandhiji.

Both the books have been highly acclaimed by both the readers and the critics. There is a steady demand for the books in the popular bookstores both within the city and in the districts. The book review columns of different newspapers and magazines have published good reviews about both the books.

•Livelihood from Barren Lands, especially for Tribal People•Medical Services to twine Life & Livelihood•Literacy for Livelihood
  • Livelihood from Barren Lands, especially for Tribal People

  • Medical Services to twine Life & Livelihood

  • Literacy for Livelihood