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THE SCHOOL Programme of IMAP is another initiative to disseminate English Learning in village schools so that the participants can get access to a better level of Livelihood. Primarily, it is targeted to the young participants. However, the larger recipients are the guardians of these kids who suffer from the crisis of livelihood due to the dearth of exposure and understanding of English and present-day technology.

The School
Shining Kids

From our long experience in the field of education, we understand that education must serve the purpose of employment. The present job market demands a good understanding of English along with a basic skill of spoken English.

Target Group & Observations
Working in the remote rural areas we have felt that the rural youth are falling behind as far as English is concerned. Keeping this in mind a new venture has been initiated in the remote rural area of Chadrakona 1 of Paschim Medinipur. The primary objective is to educate the young minds with the right emphasis and the right exposure to English.

Action Taken
As we believe in technological intervention in all spheres of life & livelihood, this new education venture is also added with modern academic equipment & software to introduce a digital learning system from the very beginning.

The school has been christened Shining Kids and starts from the pre-primary level. It follows an innovative way of learning where technology plays the magic role of quick learning and IMAP’s special curriculum makes the children close to and not afraid of English.

We believe that technology can reduce the cost of opportunities. The belief has been set to practice again.

Precisely, through this Functional Literacy Programme, IMAP intends to build up a set of skilled Human resource for the elevation of the rural life. This effort relates education and employment directly with the intervention of modern technology becoming a useful weapon for better living, inter alia, survival

•Learning English as medium of communication •Use of Computer and other modern Teaching Learning Material (TLM) •Use of fables, stories, songs & others to attract young minds
  • Learning English as medium of communication
  • Use of Computer and other modern Teaching Learning Material (TLM)
  • Use of fables, stories, songs & others to attract young minds